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Reina talks about the Pepper Keibu handshake event. A lot happened that day, and she wanted to talk about it on the show. When she was shaking hands with the fans, A LOT of people asked her, "Who's fan do you think I am?". Reina says she knows who most of her fans are without having to ask, but some people she can't figure out, so she replied with, "Eh? You're Reina's fan?" Which in return, she gets, "Haha, I'm Sayu's!" This made Reina feel like she's too self conscious. She doesn't understand why they did that, and she wants to know the reason. That's why she's talking about this on the show.

Reina recalls some people that were her fans, but then turn around and suddenly become Aika or Koharu fans. Her reaction to this is like, "Oh, it's this person". It goes like this: the fan is wearing a Reina T-shirt and goes to shake hands. Afterward, the fan changes into another member's T-shirt and goes up again to shake hands with that member, but gets caught by Reina. When they get caught, they say Reina is their #1. At that moment, Reina feels like giving them a "HUMPH!" It's shocking to her. Reina thinks she can't beat the 15 and 16 year olds, since they're so cute. For example, she thinks of herself as being flashy when she watches footage of herself at that age. This is another reason she doesn't want to grow up. Reina will try to keep her heart young, even though she's physically older now, and her fans are leaving her. Please continue to support her. Today, she gives the Pepper Keibu event FIVE STARS.

Reina also mentions that fans prank the other girls like this as well, so she's not the only one being singled out. She ask that her fans would not do such a thing to the other members.

[The "I'm Sayu's fan" thing seems like a practical joke on Reina that got out of hand, which added onto Reina's sharp eye of singling out all those unfaithful fans. At the end of this segment, Reina was laughing, but not in happiness. Rather, in embarrassment and disbelief.]


Yesterday, Reina posted a note at her FIVE STARS blog about this FIVE STARS episode:

"Did you guys listen to my complaints to all the fans?! (laughs)

People who aren't even Reina's fans, saying, "Who's fan do you think I am? I'm Sayu's"...
I don't understand... What are you trying to accomplish? (laughs)

If that's the case, why not tell me from the start to "Go ask Sayu (:ー△-)"
This is how I truly feel. (laughs)

Those people who said, "Give Mitsui my regards!"!!
She was right there with me, isn't it best to go tell her yourself!! (laughs)

This is also...how I feel.

Haa~ To be honest, I'm feeling better today! (laughs)
Thank you for always listening to my show (^0^)"


As a bonus, here's the listener's mail segment from this FIVE STARS episode.

The first mail asks Reina, "what is one food you have to eat every day?" Her answer is chocolate. About a year or two ago, she ate so much chocolate, her nose was bleeding from it. She has since stopped eating so much of it.

Another mail asks her, "What's your secret to keeping a pretty-looking face while sleeping, like in your photobooks?" Reina is also asked who has the worst sleeping posture among the members of Morning Musume. Reina says about the sleeping pictures in her photobooks, she's not actually sleeping during those shots. She has no idea what what she looks like when she's sleeping, but she thinks she probably has her mouth open. She thinks that's highly possible, since she's human, after all. Out of the current members, she picks Sayu as the worst. Reina thinks Sayu should wear a mask to sleep [to hide her face]. From the graduated members, it's Konkon. Apparently, Yossie always takes pictures of KonKon sleeping. LinLin is also bad. She sleeps like an old lady in her 30's, because of the way she positions her head, with her jaw pointing up. Just imagine a very tired 30-something year old person sleeping. Oh, one more, Koharu. She's the same as Sayu, with her eyes and mouth half open.

The third mail asks, "What's one thing that Reina would want to try once in her life?" Reina wants to act, wants to make her own concert, wants to fly in the sky by being hung by wires [like doing stunts in a movie], sing some good ballet type of song, do her own solo live....not just any live, but songs that she often sings during Karaoke. The title of that concert would be "Songs collections that Reina often sings in Karaoke live". Only a 1 day showing, for only 100 people. [Instead of one thing, she named five]

The fourth mail asks Reina what she does to relieve her stress. She goes to Karaoke. She doesn't whine to her mom, but instead, YELLS words out at home.




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Reina is truly one of tyhe great talkers in music history.

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